Tax Calendars

Refer to the below HMRC PAYE Tax Calendar for the tax periods of the required Tax Year.

HMRC PAYE Tax Calendar

HMRC Tax Calendar starts every year on 6th April and ends on 5th April in the subsequent year.

The tax year contains weekly, 2-weekly, 4-weekly and monthly periods.

  • The weekly tax period range is 7 days. The first period starts on 6th April and ends on 12th April.
  • The 2-weekly tax period range consists of 2 weeks. It starts from week 2, followed by week 4, week 6, week 8, etc.
  • The 4-weekly tax period range consists of 4 weeks. It starts from week 4, followed by week 8, week 12, week 16, etc.
  • The monthly period starts on the 6th of each month and ends on the 5th of the following month.

RTI Submission

When you submit Full Payment Submission (FPS), the HMRC gets notified of the payment date through it. This date is used to determine your PAYE bill for the month. Hence, it is necessary to know the date you submit the FPS and the HMRC Tax Period to which it belongs.

The HMRC will also use this to determine if your submission is on time or late.