Trading firms

“Accentra Enterprise software has become an integral part of our business process control, over the years. We rely on the software to run all our business critical processes starting from pre-sales to final accounting.

As a company, Accentra Technologies has been thoroughly professional in their support and have always given us excellent support and development services.

I will be more than happy to recommend Accentra Technologies as a reliable software solution provider for growing businesses.”

Jim Ashton
Protech Medical Limited, Derbyshire, UK


“We have been associated with Accentra products for many years and recently upgraded to the SQL based Accentra. The software has always been a powerful company management tool and the latest version is no exception.

We find that it is quite comprehensive in its scope but what we have found to be of special value to us is the ability to talk directly to the development team. If there is something that we think would be helpful to our business, the team are always willing to discuss things with us and, quite often, incorporate it into the programme.

Ease of communication and the willingness to listen and discuss our business needs is something that we find very rewarding and will ensure that our relationship will continue in the future.”

Neil Rayner
McCalls Limited, Aberdeen, UK


“Three years ago, we upgraded to the SQL based Accentra from its MS-Access predecessor and it has proved to be such an excellent investment for our business. With over 300,000 products in our inventory list and a very busy telesales environment, the speed with which we access the data and produce quotations was of paramount importance to our business growth.

Accentra has addressed this issue with no fuss and has helped us grow from strength to strength. We use the software to its fullest extent starting from its powerful Order Processing modules down to the Accounting ledgers.

The MIS reports are awesome.

The support we receive from Accentra has been impeccable and what I like most about their support system is the fact that I always reach the helpful support staff just after 2-3 rings.”

Simon Vicary
Vicary Plant Spares Limited, Leicester, UK


Manufacturing firms

“After many years of using the Accentra products through its various incarnations we recently decided to upgrade to the latest version as our company was growing and would benefit from the extensive information provided by this comprehensive management information system. The upgrade procedure went surprisingly smoothly and we were greatly aided by the experience and expertise of the Accentra team.

Whether a small manufacturing firm or large we feel that this program can be used to manage a company’s accounts, and adapts easily as the company grows. We have also had an equally good experience with the Accentra Payroll software which we have always found to be easy to use.”

Derek Rice
Electofit Zapi, Telford, UK


“As a family business that has been expanding over many years it is vital that we are confident that our systems are reliable, user friendly and easy to adapt.

The Accentra software has continually proved to satisfy these requirements for a number of years. We have confidence in the program and, should the need arise, we know that we can rely on the prompt attention, experience and friendly nature of the staff at Accentra. They are professional, supportive and prepared to go beyond the normal support boundaries to help their clients. Their experience, professional ability and prompt service ensures that we will continue to benefit for years to come.”

Christine Kirk
Kirk Scaffolding Limited, Lancashire, UK


Accounting & Payroll Bureau Firms

“Value added service is one of the key factors to our business success, Accentra has set a benchmark in providing a superb value for money, payroll solution ideal for the accounting & payroll bureau environment offering features which are unique, yet invaluable for improving our productivity and relationship with our client base. To date, we have yet to find a payroll solution that sells itself better than Accentra, as such, we are extremely happy to be associated with this product.”

Ashley Dunkley
Cobley Desborogh Limited, Northampton, UK


“At GCL we have been using Accentra software for more years than we care to remember and have been using the present system since its inception. As a payroll bureau we cover a vast range of customers and they almost always are looking to do something different with their payroll. Our policy is wherever possible to give the customer what they require rather than making them fit into a system.

Accentra has proven over the years to be a remarkable tool with regards to flexibility, reliability and overall ease of use. That is not to say we have never had any problems, sometimes these have been operator errors our end and at other times there have been oddities within the software. When you look at the complexity of the required reporting this is unavoidable and anyone using payroll software who tells you that theirs is perfect is likely to be being economical with the truth.

The real point here is that when there is a problem Accentra have always pulled out all the stops to ensure our customers got their payroll when it was needed even when the problem was down to us. Overall a terrific product backed up by people who are looking to sort any problems rather than just blame someone else and pass the buck.”

Paul Munn
Gloucester Calculating Limited, UK


Umbrella Companies

“Implementing Accentra Umbrella Software has been one of the best decisions we have made in getting our business firmly off the ground. Since we implemented the integrated solution a few years ago, we have improved our operational efficiency and customer satisfaction multi-fold as the system automates all the core processes of the umbrella business. The beauty of the automated system is that it allows us to grow without having to increase the cost. I will be more than happy to recommend Accentra Technologies as a reliable software solution provider.”

David Greene
Director, NASA Umbrella Limited


“Installing Accentra’s integrated system has enabled us to grow in a way previously impossible. The CRM functionality is excellent and extremely user friendly and intuitive. We are also extremely pleased with the quality of support we receive and this often goes beyond the scope of simply supporting the product. We see Accentra as a partner in our business and would wholeheartedly recommend them to any Umbrella Companies looking for a fully integrated solution.”

Kate Jenkins,
Director, Pro pay Solutions


“First and foremost, Accentra’s umbrella software appealed to me, as I knew the solid tax/accounting background of the advisors who were engaged in its development. Thus we have a system that is fully compliant, logically constructed and with the capacity to handle large growth in the number of contractors we engage.

I would like to echo others comments by saying that it has vastly improved our operational efficiency and helped contain our costs, as we are growing.

In addition, the support team are always there to aid us, should there be any short term glitches. They are helpful and prompt in their responses and in fact strong on-going support, as with anysoftware purchase, formed a large part of my decision to go with Accentra.

I would recommend Accentra to others and look forward to a long and lasting relationship with them.”

MAC Professional Solutions Ltd


“We have worked with Accentra for the last few years on developing and implementing alternative models to Umbrella as well as running the existing Umbrella model successfully and have found their industry knowledge second to none. The approach they have taken in helping our business generate growth is refreshing. I would not hesitate in recommending Accentra to any Umbrella business looking to grow as they would certainly benefit from using Accentra’s system as well as their services.”

Wayne Large
Director, Black Hut Contracts Limited