Lockdown rules ease in England, Scotland and Wales

From Monday 17 May, Lockdown rules are easing in many parts of the UK. The foreign travel ban has also been replaced with the new rules. It’s possible that the government might lift the remaining restrictions in England on June 21, but these measures will not apply to Glasgow or Moray, due to an increase in the number of patients. Eased lockdown rules mean the following:

In England:

  • Indoor meets in groups of up to six or two households or in groups of up to 30 outdoors. Staying overnight is allowed.

In Scotland (with exceptions to Glasgow and Moray):

  • Indoor meets in groups of six to three households. Up to eight people from eight households can mix outdoors
  • Alcohol serving indoors is allowed in pubs and restaurants until 22:30

In Wales:

  • Cafes and restaurants can reopen indoors, and people can meet in groups of up to six from six households
  • All holiday accommodation can be reopened
  • Indoor socialising is still restricted to two households being able to mix with each other and have physical contact

Museums, bowling alleys, cinemas, children’s playrooms, theatre, concert halls and sports stadiums may reopen, as may hotels. The lockdown rules are set to change a little later in Northern Ireland, with the hope that some could be lifted on May 24.