Guardian’s Allowance

People bringing up children without parental care, due to the death of one or both parents can apply for Guardian’s Allowance. To receive the allowance the person in question is not required to be the child’s legal guardian. If a person is looking after a child that isn’t their own and does not qualify may receive a fostering allowance from the department of local Social Services, this allowance is tax-free.

To receive Guardian’s Allowance all of the following conditions must be met:

  • You’re bringing up a child that isn’t your own
  • You’re qualified for Child Benefit
  • One of the child’s parents was born in the UK
  • The child’s parents are deceased or the surviving parents’ whereabouts are unknown.

Guardian’s Allowance is a fixed amount and the current year weekly rate is £18.00 per child and is paid on top of the Child Benefit. Usually, the money is delivered into a bank account on a 4-weekly basis. It can be paid weekly in case that you are a single parent or applicable for certain other benefits, like Income Support. Use the benefits calculator to check what you’re entitled to.

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