Deadline to claim Child Benefit

You will need to inform HMRC until 31st August to claim the child benefit. Kindly use the online service portal and fill-up the form to submit your request. Govt gateway ID and password is required to use the online service portal. You can create a new login if you do not have it when you want to use the service.

Who can avail of the child benefit?

If you fulfil the below requirements, then you will be eligible to claim it.

  • You should be parents or carers of the child
  • The age should be above 16 and up to 20 of the children
  • Your child is staying in full-time education or training
  • If you submit the form/ inform HMRC before 31st August
  • Confirmation should be received before the deadline
  • Inform the Child Benefit Office that your child is staying in approved education or training. Kindly use the below link to avail the online services.