Furlough payments are given back to HMRC by businesses

The figures were released on 21st September shows that the business that no longer requires payments received under Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme and the businesses who have over-claimed it has returned the payments. The reports by Treasury suggest that £1.3 billion in furlough payments has been returned by businesses from which £300 million were sent back within the last three months.

This took place with effect from the month when the furlough scheme is coming to an end and the employees are returning to the work which is resulting in the recovery of Economy. The end of the furlough scheme has also reported that the number of people on furlough is at the lowest level since it was during the start of the pandemic. As per the reports, around 340,000 people opted out of the scheme in July alone.

In addition, HMRC is also planning to have a look at the businesses that have fraudulently claimed furlough.