Why You Need Accountancy Payroll Software

Payday is a day your employees wistfully look forward to. However, if you are responsible for processing their payments, chances are the feeling isn’t mutual. Payroll can mean long nights working overtime, scratching your head over taxes, and spending less time doing the things you love.

But fear not; payroll software for accountants and bureaus can make your task much easier. While you might not be keen on all the latest technological advances, taking the payroll process digital has many benefits. Read on to find out why you should be making use of bureau payroll software.


It Keeps You Compliant 

One of the most difficult aspects of payroll processing is staying up to date with the relevant rules and regulations. Laws have become stricter over the years, and with new laws being enacted continuously, keeping up can be tedious, especially if your company is working in multiple states or countries. Using payroll software for accountants allows you to hand the task over to the software and take the complex and error prone process off your hands.


It Saves You Time 

A study conducted by Score showed that a small business spends approximately 1 to 5 hours on payroll each month, and around 41 hours on year-end tax calculations. This is valuable time you could be spending on building your business, especially if you are handling a start-up.


It Prevents Costly Payroll Errors 

That’s putting it lightly. A technical error in payroll cost UK retailer Tesco GBP 9.7 million last year! In simple terms, a mistake in payroll can cost quite a bit, will be a hassle to remedy and is guaranteed to cause you stress. You can avoid this situation by making use of accountancy payroll software. Good software like Primo Payroll can help you avoid such pitfalls while constant updates ensure you are always up to speed with any legislation changes. Some can even send you notifications about upcoming payroll deadlines.


Employees prefer this too 

According to research done on the topic, only nine percent of the working population would rather their salary was not in an electronic form, while around 73 percent of the population are already using electronic platforms for their payments. Using electronic methods to settle payments makes things simpler for your employees and simpler for your business. You can trust your company fully compliant and in safe hands using the latest technology rather than outdated processes.


Managing your company’s payroll doesn’t have to be a headache! 

Used by leading accountants and companies around the world, Primo Payroll is a trusted name when it comes to payroll software. With round the clock support and a user-friendly interface, there is a lot to like! Visit our website https://www.primopayroll.co.uk/ for more information.